Here at Blue Top Marketing, we take a holistic approach to marketing your business or organization. You may work with us on one particular project or area of marketing, but we will provide recommendations and suggestions for other areas to ensure it all works together. Your success is our goal.

We will learn about you and your business to create a strategic plan of attack, if you will. It will evaluate which of the major Social Media Platforms works best for your business:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Profile/Company Pages, Google+ and Pinterest. All to get you hooked in and engaging your current customers, but most importantly, your future customers.

Social Media Marketing & Strategy

Ready to include social media in your current marketing strategy, but not sure of all the options that are out there? Or, have you started with social media marketing, but need an experts opinion on what is and isn’t working for your target market? That’s where we come in. We’ll research your target marketing, review your online presence and provide actionable recommendations and suggestions.

Social Media Management

You have the social media profiles created, but you have NO TIME to create content and manage the community. Outsourcing the management of your social media can free up a huge amount of time for you and your staff. Let our staff do the heavy lifting.

Political Marketing

Ever since the election of President Obama in 2008, social media has played more of a role in getting the word out, and mobilizing a political base. We can build your website, create and manage your social media presence, run Facebook Ads to your targeted voters and so much more. We have had success, so let’s get you elected!


Social Media Training

Do you have the staff to manage your social media accounts, but you want to make sure they’re properly trained in the latest trends? We can customize a training session for your group from 2 to 4 hour sessions.

Email Marketing Management

Email is still king! With email, you have the ability to nurture your prospects into customers — and keep a fence around your current customers. Targeted emails with relevant content to your lists takes experience…we have it!

Website Builds & Development

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile. Websites need to be mobile responsive and inter-linked seamlessly with your social media and email platform in order for it to convert people 24/7. It’s time for a new site, and we have the talent to bring your idea to life.