Internet Marketing

Basic Internet Marketing consists of a website, claiming your online local pages and listing your business with various directories. Once these building blocks are in place, all of your on and offline marketing and advertising efforts will strengthen this base.


  • Basic Website Design and Hosting
  • Claim your online local pages
  • Submit your business to 2-3 quality directories
  • Create and manage QR Code

Social Media Marketing

Here we will match your business with your target market online through Facebook, Twitter, etc. By setting up your professional presence on these sites, engaging your audience will be a breeze.


  • Facebook Fan Page Setup and Basic Design (setup 1-2 applications linked to this new fan page)
    • Facebook Ads Management available
  • Twitter account setup
  • Management of Social Media

Text (SMS) Marketing

This is the new frontier in marketing. Practically all of your customers carry a cell phone – smartphone or not-so-smartphone. Additionally, most of them send and receive text messages. With an average 97% open rate, your message is arriving directly into the pocket of your customer. Send a powerful message and a link back to your website or Facebook page and they’re totally engaged. Perfect example:  A restaurant sending a text message to their list on their slowest day stating:  ’2 4 1 drinks from 3-5p 2day, show txt msg for deal’


  • Text Blasts, Text2Win, Text Surveys, Text2Screen
  • Creating keyword(s)
  • Developing marketing message and schedule
  • Management of opt-ins, messages and opt-outs
  • Creating QR Codes, Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps

Mobile Ad Marketing

Mobile Ads follow the same purpose as Google AdWords – just for smartphones. Mobile Ads require a very concise, powerful message due to the limited characters allowed. Ads appear in search results when the user searches ‘xxxx’ on their smartphone or when they’re browsing a mobile website. With more and more people carrying smartphones, this is a marketing tool that’s here to stay.


  • Setting up advertising account
  • Developing message
  • Managing campaign

We know marketing can quickly become overwhelming, however if you create your plan and execute a little every day, your online presence and reputation will grow exponentially.

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