This past week has been a bit unreal for my family. We’ve had a close family member in the hospital undergoing several surgeries with a prognosis of long physical therapy and another family member pass away…within 24 hours of each other.

I’ve learned a few things from all of this:

  • Make sure you tell your loved ones that you love them…all the time!
  • In times of tragedy and strife, you realize your real friends and supports.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected…in every area of your life.

Today, let’s discuss being prepared. There are enough experts out there to guide you in saving money, getting health insurance and making sure your affairs are in order at the end of your earthly journey. We’re going to discuss your business.

As business owners, we have (or should have) disaster planning strategies in place. But, what happens when you need to step away from your business for days? Have you setup your business to continue running in your absence?

You see, as a leader, you must prepare your business and staff for short, intermediate and long-term absences. In my case, stepping away was made with ease and the clients and potential clients didn’t know anything about my person situation.

Here’s a glimpse into how I have my business setup.pencils and notebook 148x74

  • All important files are housed by the cloud with access through every device I own;
  • Calls were routed to the computer so that when logged in, I could answer through a headset;
  • Emails and Social Media posts, in general, were pre-scheduled to stay in contact with our community.

Basically, I have a system in place to handle any situation that may arise and I plead with you to do the same. You’ve spent too much time building your business, to lose it all in a wink of an eye. Take time this week to systemize each process and/0r area in your business. Document the steps and keep it up-to-date as things change.

Remember, consistent marketing leads to consistent revenue; and you cannot keep that up without systems in place for downtime.

Thanks to all that sent words of encouragement, prayers and more.

To your success!

Stephanie Walters MBA (60 Posts)

Stephanie L. Walters started her first business at the age of 13, and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since. Through the school of hard knocks, she has learned how to start, grow and market her businesses. Through Blue Top Marketing, she's dedicated to assisting other business owners in growing their businesses using 21st century techniques. She's also the TV Show Host and Executive Producer of 'The Small Business Report' at that airs locally in the Chicago are and at TSBR.TV