You can learn a lot about building a business by watching grass grow.  I did. I learned that defining what you do, defines your future. Most 13-year olds would consider mowing the yard as a chore. I called it “a business.”  At age 13, with only one client, my parents, I earned $10 per mow. My dad expected the grass to be mowed every week, at least when it needed it. I suppose most teens would be content with the fairly steady income, but I looked for ways to ensure it. Not content with just mowing the yard when it needed it, I looked for ways to grow my little business. So I watched grass grow. What I learned was if I watered the lawn it would continue to grow, thus guaranteeing me ongoing income. It was my first lesson in sustaining my business.

I also learned that getting more clients is only one way to grow your business. You can either increase the number of “yards you mow,” or you can increase the amount of value you provide to the yards you have. By focusing on a few clients and delivering over-the-top service, the numbers will take care of themselves. It’s a philosophy that’s worked well for Logo

I’ve been a ‘serial entrepreneur’ ever since I first learned how to start a lawn mower. I’ve owned various businesses – including my two current retail store, Mici’s Boutique and my wholesale business, MB Distributors. Mici’s Boutique is a retail shop that sells bed, bath and fashion accessories. MB Distributors is a wholesaler that supplies merchandise to retailers nationwide.

I started Mici’s in 2004, and MB Distributors in 2010.

Experience is fun and profitable only when you share it. That’s why I love to pass along what I’ve learned to other people interested in starting their own businesses. When you do what you love, business follows. And my love of sharing seemed to grow, just like that grass of long ago. I watered it; added value to it and the demand for it was such that it made sense to formalize a business around it.

Blue Top Marketing is that business. Blue Top Marketing is a boutique digital, social and mobile marketing firm for small businesses. If you’re wondering where the name comes from, go to an open-air market some day. You’ll see a sea of canopies and tent tops used by vendors in open-air markets, and many of them will be blue.  So ‘Blue Top’ is a reminder for me that even if a person operates out of a half dozen boxes on a folding table and chairs, in a 5×5 square of asphalt topped by a tarp, it signifies the spirit of an entrepreneur’s desire to have his own business.Stephanie Walters Profile Picture

Blue Top Marketing’s current focus is to assist other small businesses with their online local marketing presence, email marketing and conquering the mobile web. You may not realize this, but most of our customers live or work within a 10-mile radius of our storefronts.  Moreover, 30% of all US search results include a product PLUS a local location.

Blue Top Marketing is here to ensure your business is included in those search results.

I know first-hand how to start, run and grow a small business – both online and offline. I’ve experienced a lot, both good and bad. I think I can help you avoid some of the bad with the information here. To learn more about us, check out the Services link above or use the Contact Us page.

To your success!

Stephanie Walters


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